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Closed-Loop Controls

TUTCO SureHeat is a  Leader in Process Heat Control
TUTCO SureHeat heaters are employed in numerous industrial, commercial, and residential applications worldwide. Our primary objective is to ensure that each of our heaters delivers optimal performance. To achieve this goal, we have developed a line of control panels specifically engineered for the heaters we manufacture. The result is a heating system that provides safe, precise, and reliable heat tailored to the unique requirements of your application. Our extensive expertise in process heat uniquely qualifies us to manufacture control panels for the heaters we produce.

TUTCO SureHeat Control Panels were designed for easy implementation across a wide range of applications. Every detail, including operating environments, installation requirements, heating and electrical needs, sizing, and integration with existing control equipment, has been considered. Our Control Panels feature an illuminated start button, a stop button, an illuminated over-temp alarm button, and an e-stop button that provides local control from the front of the unit. The Ethernet port allows the system to report and remotely integrate into other popular industrial LAN-operated solutions. The Temperature Controller is simple to implement and easy to operate with quick start codes, automatic help text, custom text messages, and auto-tuning. The LAN connection enables the controller to communicate and retrieve data from a remote HMI or another external device, such as a data logger or webpage.

Product Specs

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Additional Info

  • NEMA 4 and 12 Painted Steel Enclosures
  • Input voltages: 380/400VAC, 50-60Hz, 3PH in 30A (24 FLA) or 60A (48 FLA)
  • UL 508A, RoHS (CE Mark for International)
  • Expedited Delivery Options
  • Emergency Stop Button (E-stop)
  • Ethernet Connection via Eurotherm Temperature Controller
  • LAN connection configured with iTools
  • Quality components
  • Service and support





The Ethernet port integrated into TUTCO controllers serves as a pivotal component, enhancing connectivity and expanding the system's capabilities. Designed for seamless integration, this Ethernet port empowers the system to report and effortlessly interface with other widely-used industrial components. The inclusion of this feature not only streamlines communication within the system but also facilitates interoperability with external devices and networks. Whether interfacing with industrial automation systems or connecting to broader networks, the Ethernet port in TUTCO controllers underscores a commitment to enhanced connectivity, providing users with a robust and versatile solution for their temperature control needs.


TUTCO controllers boast an advanced LAN connection as a pivotal feature in their design. Tailored for simplicity and user-friendly operation, the Temperature Controller incorporates quick start codes, automatic help text, custom messages, and auto-tuning for seamless implementation. The LAN connection enhances the controller's capabilities by facilitating efficient communication and data retrieval. This functionality enables the controller to interact seamlessly with remote Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) or other external devices, including data loggers and webpages. The inclusion of LAN-operated solutions ensures not only ease of use but also opens up possibilities for remote monitoring and control, enhancing the overall versatility and accessibility of TUTCO's temperature control systems.


The Eurotherm Temperature Controller serves as a cornerstone in the sophisticated closed-loop heater controllers developed by TUTCO. Renowned for its precision and reliability, the Eurotherm controller plays a pivotal role in maintaining optimal temperatures in various industrial applications. TUTCO's closed-loop heater controllers, integrated with Eurotherm technology, offer a seamless and efficient solution for temperature regulation, ensuring that heating processes are finely tuned to meet specific requirements. Whether in environmental remediation, industrial processes, or other applications, the Eurotherm Temperature Controller within TUTCO's systems exemplifies a commitment to cutting-edge technology, providing users with precise control and consistent performance in managing thermal processes.

TUTCO is Committed to Quality
TUTCO's depth of expertise uniquely qualifies us to manufacture control panels for the heaters we produce, as reflected in our unwavering commitment to quality. Our engineers have leveraged the latest technology in heater controls and safety features to create a line of controllers well-suited for industrial facilities and OEMs. Our controllers utilize power controllers, temperature controllers, and thermocouples to continuously monitor and maintain consistent output voltages to the heater. Regardless of fluctuations in the process or changes in airflow, the temperature is continually monitored to meet process requirements and safeguard the heater. 

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