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Closed Loop Spot Heaters

Hot Air Tools are multi-purpose electric air heaters with a built-in thermocouple for precise temperature control. The compact size makes this product perfect for single phase OEM applications needing closed loop control. Its 304 stainless steel body construction is slotted for flared accessories and is made to withstand pressures up to 60 psi (4 bar) and temperatures up to 1400°F ( 760°C ).  Air is typically supplied through compressed air lines. 

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Additional Info

Minimizing Hot Air Tools Element Failures 

  • Always ensure air is flowing before powering the heating element 
  • Slowly regulate the ramp up time using the potentiometer to control the AC voltage 
  • Use a temperature controller with 100ms cycle time


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Additional Data

Performance Curve


F068472 - Flare Attachment Accessory

F066823 - Closed-Loop SCR Power Controller

F076361 - Digital Temperature Controller

Compatible Heater Controls

Closed Loop Spot Heaters (F068462) 1500W 30V

Closed Loop Spot Heaters (F068463) 2000W 70V

Closed Loop Spot Heaters (F068464) 3500W 90V

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