Technical Documents

Additional Tutco SureHeat air heater technical product information bulletins are listed below. ​Please click on the individual document to download.  Please contact us with any questions or additional information. 

Product Manuals

fas fa-book Closed Loop Spot Heaters - stsh.hat.manual.82820.pdf fas fa-book Jet Air Heaters - Operating_Manual_Master_-_Jet__Control_-_REV01.pdf fas fa-book Max Air Heaters - Operating_Manual_Master_-_Max_-_REV01.pdf fas fa-book Max HT Heaters - Operating_Manual_Master_-_Max_HT_-_REV02.pdf fas fa-book Skorpion Air Heaters - Skorpion-ProductManual.pdf fas fa-book MC-5A Temperature Controller - MC-5A Quick Start Guide fas fa-book Series III Heaters - Operating_Manual_Master_-_Basic_Operating_-_Rev_01.pdf fas fa-book Threaded Inline Air Heaters - Operating_Manual_Master_-_Threaded_Inline_92220.pdf fas fa-book Serpentine II - Operating_Manual_Master_-_Basic_Operating_-_Rev_01.pdf fas fa-book Serpentine VI - Operating_Manual_Master_-_Basic_Operating_-_Rev_01.pdf


3D Files

Technical Bulletins

fas fa-book Heater Calculation Reference Data fas fa-book RoHS Declaration fas fa-book MC-5A Quick Start Guide fas fa-book MC-5A Datasheet fas fa-book Sales Terms & Conditions fas fa-book New Closed-Loop Controllers fas fa-book Closed Loop Control Panels fas fa-book Element Life and Failures fas fa-book SFI Flow Sensor fas fa-book Regenerative Blower Selection fas fa-book Standard Control Set-up Tips fas fa-book Basic Heater Manual fas fa-book Tutco Controller Sales Sheet 6-23-20 fas fa-book Datasheet F076361 Temperature Controller fas fa-book Custom High Temperature Threaded Inline Products fas fa-book Product Guide

Marketing Literature

fas fa-book Heat Gun Brochure fas fa-book Custom Specialty Inline Heaters Brochure fas fa-book Aerospace SFI Application Brochure fas fa-book SureHeat MRO Specialty Flanged Inline Heaters fas fa-book Hot Air Tools Datasheet fas fa-book Open Loop Manual Control Voltage Regualtor fas fa-book Tutco SureHeat Introduction Trifold Brochure fas fa-book Product Guide
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