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Max HT Heaters image

Max HT Heaters

The Max HT provides a compact and efficient high temperature solution for applications up to 1652°F (900°C).  A dual probe type K thermocouple with a convenient terminal block is included for ease of wiring.  Each exposed thermocouple probe is used to measure inlet and exit air temperature. One is typically used for process temperature control and the other to monitor the high temperature limit.  Each heater has a convenient method for mounting and offers a ground stud for safe operation.

Product Specs

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Additional Info

  • Small size – 4” diameter body
  • Threaded inlet and exit ports for convenient air connections 
  • High temperature plastic wiring enclosure with built in connections 
  • Rugged stainless steel heater body
  • Stainless steel mounting base
  • Built in type K thermocouples
  • Exposed wire low mass element for fast heat up/cool down
  • Rated for pressures up to 60 PSI (4 bar)
  • Available in a range of wattages, voltages up to 36 KW, 480 Volt, single or three phase
  • UL Recognized, RoHS, CE


 diagram  diagram  diagram  diagram  diagram  diagram

Compatible Heater Controls

Replacement Elements

Part Number Replacement Element
Max HT - F077081 F206707
Max HT - F077082 F206662
Max HT - F077083 F206663
Max HT - F077084 F206664
Max HT - F077085 F206598

Performance Curve

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