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Industrial Plastic Pipe Cutting

Project and Challenges:

We had a customer come to us with a plan to implement air heaters to improve an industrial plastic pipe cutting process. The customer stated that they were cutting large and small diameter length plastic pipe to specified lengths prior to additional manufacturing. The existing process involved the cutting being done by hand which took a great deal of time and effort and posed a safety risk for the operators handling the knives. The goal was to cut production time and cost, as well as create a safer work environment.

Solutions and their Impact:

We developed a solution where 3,000 watt, 230V heaters were mounted in sets of two on the cutting station. The heaters were installed under a large shroud that when lowered by the operator, engaged the knives. Hot air is blown directly at the knives as well as indirectly at the piping. With the knives heated and the pipes warmed, cutting could be done quickly and easily. Safety concerns were also addressed as operators no longer directly handled the knives.

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