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The Max provides a compact and efficient heater solution for air temperatures up to 1652°F (900°C). Available in a 6.0kW to 36.0kW, 240V/380V/480V 1ø / 3ø units, the Max offers two type “K” thermocouples with a convenient terminal block for easy wiring. To ensure safety, power and perfect control, connect with the optional Max Control Panel. Each heater has a convenient method for mounting the housing and offers a ground stud located at the inlet of the heater. 

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Product Specs

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Additional Info

  • Small size – 4” diameter body
  • Convenient threaded inlet and exit ports for air connections 

  • High temperature plastic wiring enclosure with built in connections ​

  • Rugged stainless steel heater body

  • Stainless steel mounting base

  • Built in type K thermocouples

  • Exposed wire low mass element for fast heat up/cool down

  • Rated for pressures up to 60 PSI (4 bar)

  • Available in a range of wattages, voltages up to 36 KW, 480 Volt, single or three phase


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  • Heat Treating

  • Binding

  • Curing

  • Drying

Performance Curve

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