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Serpentine™ Technology Offers Higher Temperatures

Tue, December 19, 2017

TUTCO SureHeat has a long history of creating innovative process heat solutions using our versatile Serpentine™ technology.  The design, which delivers better heat transfer, faster and higher temperatures, and a lifespan unmatched in the industry, has a high watt density ensuring quick temperature ramp rates accurate to +/- 2°F.  Over the years, the technology and materials have improved offering higher temperatures at higher pressures.  Today, Serpentine technology is the standard by which other heating coils are measured against.  With custom heating solutions reaching 1000°C air temperatures, TUTCO SureHeat air heater products are ideal for research facilities, university laboratories, and industrial processes requiring higher temperatures. 

Serpentine II diagram

Serpentine II The popular air heater element consists of a versatile Serpentine coil that fits into a stainless steel “triple-pass” exchange housing.

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Serpentine VI diagram

Serpentine VI Popular OEM heaters, the housing uses the incoming air to cool the outer shell prior to passing through the heater element.

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