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The Element of Design

Serpentine ElementsSince 1968, several patents have been filed and granted using Tutco SureHeat Serpentine Technology. Its versatility has remained the key to our global success. As a result, our air heater products are compact, versatile, quick, and accurate. Continued improvements driven by higher temperature demands have positioned Tutco SureHeat as a leader in the research and industrial process heating categories.     

Tutco SureHeat specializes in demanding high-temperature applications.  Our products have been integrated into a variety of OEM manufacturing processes and facilities worldwide.  In addition to a wide variety of standard industrial air heater products, our custom engineered specialty flanged inline solutions are used for research, testing, and other critical high-temperature applications throughout the aerospace, aviation, defense, and automotive industries.  

Tutco SureHeat products are proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA and sold worldwide.  

Electric Industrial Air Heaters

High-watt density solutions for demanding high-temperature testing, research, and industrial manufacturing applications.

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