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OVAL-Q Hand-held Heater Blower

OVAL-Q Hot Air Tool  ( Sold in North America Only ) 

This powerful plastic welder is equipped with a double turbine system to produce maximum hot air flow for your industrial applications. Utilizing a smaller oval handle design, the OVAL-Q welder is less fatiguing to work with and includes high-quality German-made parts.  OVAL-Q has a large assortment of nozzles and accessories are available for use with the hot air plastic welder for your various applications.

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Product Specs

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Compatible Heater Controls



  • Roof seam welding
  • Flooring installations
  • Repairing and making truck tarpaulins and awnings
  • Overlap welding of vinyls and coated fabrics
  • Tank construction
  • Heating thermoplastics for forming and bending
  • Drying / Curing
  • Installing pool liners, roofing and flooring
  • Automotive manufacturing processes
  • Shrinking tubing, molded parts, sleeves, etc.
  • Defrosting and warming
  • Activating adhesives
  • Plastic fabrication

Replacement Elements

F0156OV Replacement Element F077165
F0155OV Replacement Element F077167
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