TUTCO SureHeat specialty flanged inline heaters deliver high heat and high pressure for critical applications

Aerospace MRO Research

Compact, Efficient, Quick and Precise

Built to handle low or very high pressure, the heaters are ideal for aerospace applications requiring high temperatures and compressed air. TUTCO SureHeat SFI heaters deliver superior performance while reducing energy consumption.

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Key Features:

  • Up to 1922°F (1050°C)

  • Controllability +/- 2°F. in custom designs

  • Rapid temperature ramp, up to 100°C per second

  • Power ratings in single heaters 12kW to 768kW Standard, 1 MW and higher in custom design.

  • Pressure Ratings up to 600 PSI (40 Bar) >1100 PSI (75 Bar) in custom design.

  • On-site start-up assistance and training available.

  • RoHS compliant.

  • Replaceable element cartridge.

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