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Aerospace Valve and Component Testing

TUTCO SureHeat heaters are used by the aerospace industry for the testing of valves employed throughout aircrafts. OEM manufacturers us our specialty flanged inline heaters to simulate the high heat and high-pressure compressed air that powers critical applications through the aircraft. As the aerospace industry has worked to increase fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and embrace renewable energy, the new technologies created are requiring higher temperatures and higher pressures. TUTCO SureHeat’s specialty inline flanged air heaters are ideal for this critical application Whether used in research and development, quality testing of components or as a key component in OEM equipment, TUTCO SureHeat provides heater solutions that deliver superior performance in high heat, high pressure applications.

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Voltages: 208-600V
Warm Up Time: 0-3 minutes
Maximum Temperature: 1750ºF (955ºC)
Pressure: Up to 3000 PSI (20.7 Bar)
Ramp Up Time: 50° C per second
RoHS Compliant
ANSI or DIN Flange Designs

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