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Optimize the performance of our heaters and achieve the best outcomes

Wed, August 30, 2023

TUTCO SureHeat is always ready to assist our customers with any challenges involving heater performance and longevity. We recently conducted an on-site visit at one of our industrial customers who were encountering an unusually high number of heater failures within their industrial process. Industrial environments by their very nature are not the cleanest of environments, and at this specific location, we identified several issues and opportunities for enhancement.

First and foremost, the blowers at each workstation were equipped with filters that were meant to be blue, but instead were white because they were entirely clogged with dust and debris. This obstruction hindered proper airflow to the heaters, or at the very least significantly reduced it. Additionally, debris was infiltrating the heaters, contributing to a shortened lifespan of the heating elements.

Unfortunately, the customer chose not to monitor the temperature at the heaters, despite each heater being equipped with an integrated thermocouple. When asked why, the customer attributed heater tripping issues. They were actually tripping because the customer had not set up the heater properly in their controls where they had it set at too low of a set point. Instead they were trying to monitor the heater five or six feet further downstream in the process. This meant that the heater could be at a temperature of 1200º F but five or six feet downstream after the heat had travelled through an uninsulated pipe, they could get reading of about 600º F.

To make matters worse, the heater had no means of confirming airflow. This meant that full power could be delivered to the heater without any airflow. That will kill the heater almost every time. They also had the high limit control six feet downstream, and because it kept tripping they had it set to 1900ºF. The problem with that is that the heater they were using has a high limit temperature of 1400ºF. They had clearly created an environment where overshoot was occurring and the heater element was burning out.

To optimize the performance of our heaters and achieve the best outcomes for your processes, it is important to adhere to TUTCO SureHeat's quick start guides, operational manuals, and performance curves. These resources will ensure optimal heater performance and extend the longevity of heating elements.

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