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Plastic Tarpaulin Manufacturing

TUTCO SureHeat's collaboration with the manufacturer of large custom plastic tarpaulin is a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality heating solutions manufactured right here in the USA. The challenges faced by the manufacturer, including intermittent air supply shutdowns, dirty compressor filters, and a lack of climate control, underscored the importance of reliable and domestically produced heating systems. Despite promoting their product as American-made, the manufacturer relied on European heaters prone to frequent failures, which not only compromised reliability but also posed safety risks to workers. Recognizing the need for a truly Made in the USA solution, TUTCO SureHeat proposed the utilization of our Serpentine Heater, proudly manufactured in our New Hampshire facility.

This innovative heating solution offered a range of benefits perfectly suited to the manufacturer's needs. Its triple-pass design ensures the exterior of the heater remains cool to the touch, significantly reducing the risk of burns for employees. Furthermore, the replaceable heater core feature minimizes downtime and maintenance costs, allowing for swift repairs and minimal disruption to operations.

By implementing TUTCO SureHeat's Serpentine Heater, the plastic tarpaulin manufacturer not only experienced enhanced workplace safety but also achieved operational excellence while proudly supporting American manufacturing. This successful collaboration highlights TUTCO SureHeat's dedication to delivering reliable, efficient, and safe heating solutions that drive long-term success for our customers.

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